Quasi-Side of Fire Accident Disposal in Security Service
火灾事故紧急处置,是一项各种措施一同上、综合性很强的战役。因而,保安人员在灭火作战指挥中,一方面要同和其他参与灭火的部门、人员亲密配台、协同作战;另一方面要从灭火现场诸多方面的实践状况出 发,明白该当先抓什麼,后抓什麼,使灭火任务有重点、有次序地停止。
Emergency disposal of fire accidents is a battle in which all kinds of measures are taken together and comprehensively. Therefore, in the command of fire fighting operations, security personnel should, on the one hand, cooperate closely with other departments and personnel involved in fire fighting, and on the other hand, understand what should be done first and what should be done afterwards in order to stop fire fighting tasks in a focused and orderly manner, starting from the practical situation of fire fighting sites in many aspects.
1. Alarm the police as soon as a fire is found.
即在应用身边灭火器材灭火的同时,要迅速拨打“119”报警。通常状况下,发作火灾后报警与救火该当同时停止。由于救火是分秒 必争的事情,早一分钟报警,消防车早到一分钟,就能把火灾扑灭在初起阶段;耽搁了工夫,小火就能够变成大火,小灾就能够变成大灾。而且, 火灾的开展经常是难以意料的,有 时似乎火势不大,以为本人可以扑 救,但是往往由于各种要素,火势忽然扩展,此时才向消防队报警, 就会使灭火任务处于主动形态。火 灾损失的大小与报警迟早有着很大 的关系。因而,起火单位或居民住 户不能只顾救火,忘了报警或是灭不了火才报警,而应牢记报警与救火同时停止。
That is, while using fire extinguishing equipment nearby, we should call "119" alarm promptly. Usually, the alarm and fire fighting should be stopped at the same time after a fire breaks out. Because fire fighting is a matter of time, alarm one minute earlier, fire truck one minute earlier, can put out the fire in the initial stage; delay, small fire can become a big fire, small disaster can become a big disaster. Moreover, the development of fire is often unexpected, sometimes it seems that the fire is not big enough to fight, but often because of various elements, the fire suddenly expands, at this time only to the fire brigade alarm, will make the task of fire extinguishing in an active form. The size of fire losses has a great relationship with the alarm sooner or later. Therefore, fire units or residents should not only pay attention to fire fighting, forget to alarm or fire can not be extinguished before the alarm, but should bear in mind that the alarm and fire fighting should be stopped at the same time.
当发作火灾,现场只要一团体时怎样办?这时,应该一边呼救,一边 停止处置。假如你有才能,有掌握将初起火灾扑灭,而且灭火器就地可取,并懂得运用,那就应该立刻把火扑灭;假如以为能干力扑灭这次火 灾,就应该赶快报警,并在报警的路上边喊边跑,以便获得群众的协助。
When a fire breaks out, what happens when there is only one person on the scene? At this time, we should call for help while stopping disposal. If you have the ability and the ability to extinguish the initial fire, and the fire extinguisher is available locally, and you know how to use it, you should extinguish the fire immediately; if you think you can extinguish the fire, you should give the alarm as soon as possible and shout and run along the road to get the help of the masses.
2. Control the spread of the fire before putting it out.
对一时难以扑灭的火灾,首先要想方设法控制住火势,不使之蔓延扩 大。特别在火势较大,而灭火力气较弱的状况下,应把次要力气放在控制火势开展和避免爆炸、走漏等风险状况发作上。这样先控制后扑灭两者紧 密结合,会收到更好的效果。
For a fire that is difficult to extinguish for a while, we must first try to control the fire and prevent it from spreading and expanding. Especially in the case of large fire and weak fire extinguishing force, the secondary force should be put on controlling fire development and avoiding the occurrence of explosion, leakage and other risk conditions. In this way, the close combination of control and extinguishing will achieve better results.
3. Saving people first, extinguishing fire second
当发现有人被困在火场时,首先要养精蓄锐把被困于火场的人抢救出 来。假如灭火力气较强,也可以救人与灭火偏重。
When someone is found trapped in the fire, the first thing to do is to save the people trapped in the fire. If the fire extinguishing force is strong, it can also save people and put out more fire.
4. Focus first, then general
即灭火进程中,该当将重点放在重点单位、重点部位和重点区域。而 从火场详细状况来说,救人重于抢救物资,抢救宝贵物资又重于抢救普通物资,控制火势重于扑灭火灾,容易发作爆炸、走漏、倒塌的部位,该当 列爲重点。
That is, in the process of fire extinguishing, we should focus on key units, key parts and key areas. As far as the detailed situation of the fire site is concerned, rescuing people is more important than rescuing materials, rescuing precious materials is more important than rescuing ordinary materials, controlling fire is more important than extinguishing and extinguishing fires, and parts prone to explosion, leakage and collapse should be listed as key points.
5. Correct selection of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing methods
要依据火场火势和可燃物质品种来确定选用什麼灭火剂和采用什麼灭 火办法来灭火,这关于能否无效扑灭火灾至关重要。
It is very important to decide which extinguisher to choose and how to extinguish the fire according to the fire situation and the variety of combustible substances.
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